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John 13:1-17

We believe that leadership is influence, service, a journey, and a destination. When God puts us in a position of influence we should lead in the form of service, the same way Jesus served his disciples.

If you are called to Lead then you are called to serve. Leadership is serving others. Redwood works with people who aspire to become leaders or those who hold a position of leadership or influence.

We focus on the development of authentic personal relationships, while emphasizing the importance of venturing through life together. 

One of our greatest pursuits is to encourage and assist churches in the discipleship, equipping, and training of their current and future leaders. We believe that this process is best accomplished through: 

Small Group Training Sessions

Leader Courses

1 on 1 Discipleship Training 

More than anything, we want to encourage and empower other people so they can become who God created them to be. If you, or your congregation, are looking to invest in building stronger and more God-centric leadership, please reach out to us.

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Community Outreach Development

Matthew 28:19-20

The Great Commission is on all of us. God didn’t commission you to do something that he didn’t equip you to accomplish.

Each church, and each church member, has a spear of influence and God wants to use you to reach people who need to hear God’s word.  God strategically placed each one of us where we are for a reason.

We’re here to help churches develop a Community Outreach Ministry that will win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.

States, cities, and neighborhoods have needs that are unique to their environment, so outreach cannot be one size fits all. 

If you’ve been feeling that God is calling you to give back to the community, we can prayerfully help you map out and deliver a plan that will not only serve, grow, and connect the community, but most importantly turn the hearts of those you help towards the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.

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Life Coaching and Discipleship

Matthew 28:18-20

When Jesus set out on his mission he was not alone. He chose his 12 disciples which he led by serving and doing life with them.

He showed his disciples how to live for a purpose greater than themselves Regardless of where you are currently in life, we will utilize the word of God to help you uncover the path that Jesus has perfectly laid out ahead of you. 

We are not meant to go through life alone, and discipleship is a pathway we can take to gain more perspective regarding the steps God is calling us to take.

If you’re looking for assistance in uncovering God’s plan for you, hit the button below to begin!

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Guest Speaking

Colossians 2:6-8

Redwood Christian Ministries believes in Bible-based preaching and teaching. That’s why we always strive to make sure that our teaching is shared with Biblical accuracy, to ensure God's word is delivered in spirit and in truth.

We can help your church ensure that someone will be able to deliver God’s word when you need it most. Just click the link in our bio to learn more and inquire about our Guest Speaking Services!

We request that any inquiries for speaking engagements be made with as much notice as possible. Any short notice requests will be handled on a case by case basis. 

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